Bergenia is a light serif typeface. The typeface is characterized by ample airiness of the letterforms with rounded curves, open counters and delicate serifs. Its restrained elegance is akin to the flower after which it is named. 
The typeface is intended for use in print and digital publications, branding and on websites, at 18pt or larger.
The typeface design was created during the Introduction to Modern Type Design workshop by Graham Bradley, with Libbie Bischoff, held online at the Letterform Archive, San Francisco in Summer 2020.
Typeface Design
The typeface design was inspired by the letterforms on a type specimen published by Schelter & Giesecke in 1912 in Leipzig, Germany.
The design is reminiscent of the classical style of that era but also embodies the refinement of modern type design.

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The first sketch for Bergenia

The final digitization

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