Fitbit Ionic 
In 2017, Fitbit reached out to Bonfire Labs to make a series of short films for the launch of its newest flagship product, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. 
As a part of the design team, I created concepts and style frames for typographic supers (text superimposed over video) for the films.
Typography for Films

Final frame execution by Peter Clark, motion designer

Final type layouts executed by Judy Leung, graphic designer

Final type layouts executed by Judy Leung, graphic designer

Final frame execution by John Sadler, creative lead

The Process
I worked with other visual and motion designers, an art director, and a creative lead to develop concepts for typographic supers — from the sketching phase into the final execution for the films.
Concept 1
Logo Motion and Kinetic Iconography
The first concept was to create typography and iconography to mimic the band and the twists of the Fitbit smartwatch.
I sketched letterforms with a ribbon-like effect to accompany the icons created by the creative lead.
While they were fun elements on their own, the type and icons were too complex to be used over moving footage.

3D icons created by the creative lead, John Sadler

Concept 2
Type with Surrounding Image
The second concept was to have the supers exist seamlessly with the footage like type on the floor or type revealed by an athlete's arm.
I made style frames showing how the type could exist in various athletic scenarios.
The idea was received positively but due to the large amount of product features, there was a need to also have a simple and standardized way of expressing the product information.
Concept 3
Bold & Simple Typography
The third concept involved clean and bold typography superimposed on the footage, aligning with Fitbit's brand identity.
I created various typographic layouts. An iteration of the layouts was adapted in the final films in post-production.
Final Execution
The final designs for the supers were a combination of Concept 2 and Concept 3 — typography that exists seamlessly with the surroundings as well as simple and bold text superimposed over the footage.
The team — Creative Lead: John Sadler; Art Director: Tuesday McGowan; Designers: Dax Da Silva, Judy Leung; 3D Artist: Joel Thomas; Motion Design: Matt Dernlan; Editor: Brian Zalewski; Producer: John Hunt (for Bonfire Labs)

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