Melograno Display Bold is a high-contrast serif typeface. Astute in its character, the typeface is defined by its distinctive counter shape and stylistic ball terminals. The juxtaposition of exaggerated with minimal serifs make use of the negative space within the letterforms with confident ease.
The typeface is intended for use at large sizes and as headings in branding, packaging, publication, and web applications.
The typeface design was created during the Principles of Typeface Design workshop by Troy Leinster with Delaney Weber and Ruben Pineda, held online at the Cooper Union in Fall 2020.
Typeface Design
Melograno (pomegranate in Italian) was inspired by the typeface Resolut, designed by H. Brünnel (Nebiolo, Italy, 1937) and Ohno Fatface by James Edmondson (OH no Type Co., US, 2020). 
While the initial idea was for a sans serif (with the occasional exaggerated serifs), the design evolved to work better as a serif.

Image courtesy of the Letterform Archive's online archive.

The first sketch for the typeface design

The evolved design for Melograno

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