Mynah is an expressive type family characterized by flowing letterforms and rhythmic texture. It was inspired by explorations of ways to twist the parallel pen. It is made for use in branding, packaging and expressive publications like an art museum catalog. 
The type family has four styles—two weights for display use and a regular and italic for text use. The sinuous curves of the letterforms in the display styles are reflected in words with dynamic texture. The text styles dial back the playful visual tone, making them functional for setting large text passages and expanding the scope of the type family beyond its expressive display use.
The type family was created as a part of the graduation project at Type West 2021 held online at Letterform Archive, San Francisco.
Typeface Design
We were encouraged to explore different tools and ideas early on. I was exploring ways to twist the parallel pen and with the first sketches, I felt there could be something worth pursuing there.
That first sketch quickly evolved into dynamic forms and a rhythmic texture. I translated this into a text style with the same skeleton and used those to inform a fourth italic style.

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