Google Products
In 2017, teams for four Google products — Google Home, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixelbook, and Google Clips — reached out to Bonfire Labs to create a series product launch films and ad films. 
I worked as the lead graphic designer on the projects and was responsible for the typography used in the films. This included creating typographic layouts for each of the films produced and providing design support such as preparing files for localized text support (where the text can be replaced in other languages depending on the country of usage).
I worked alongside motion designers, animators, editors, creative directors and project managers to realize the project.
Typography for Films
Google Home
Bonfire Labs produced numerous films for Google Home throughout the year. I created the title cards and typographic layouts which were superimposed over footage or animated by motion designers in post-production.
Google Clips
I worked with an art director to make the title cards and typographic supers for a few ad films for Google Clips.
Google Pixel 2
I managed the typographic layouts for all the launch films for Pixel 2, adjusting and adapting to any requirements from the production or editing teams as well as providing design support to the motion designers and editors.
Google Pixelbook
For the films Bonfire Labs produced for the release of Pixelbook, I created layouts for the title cards of various features presented in the films.

Other Projects

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